Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Eagle Owls successful in Bowland! Stop Press!!

Well, despite all the disappointments, shameful politics and attempts to frustrate the breeding of Eagle Owls in Bowland this season, it's pleasing to report that a pair have actually been successful and have raised two young.

An announcement made by friend and colleague, Tony Warburton, MBE , on the World Owl Trust's web site  ( see , go to Reports and download the PDF file ) provides all the details and will hopefully be replicated in full on this site shortly.

In Bowland  2012 has been a season with endless frustrations and disappointments, clear opposition to the presence of the owls by some and their presence used as an excuse for wholly un-necessary remarks by others about the constituent bodies, and the workers involved. Truth will out and the news will be a cause for celebration by many.

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