Monday, August 27, 2012

South easterlies aren't in favour at present. 26.8.2012.

The past few days seem to have sped by. Completing reports and setting up arrangements for the forthcoming survey of Grey lag Geese, plus some observation work on the latter, have eaten up more time than first anticipated.  Seawatching has acted as a  safety valve, but generated frustration at the same time, as passage has been pretty much routine and somewhat predictable. South easterlies aren't the best supporter of good passage!! Mind you, I feel guilty at complaining as watching endless Manx Shearwaters and Gannets  stream past interspersed with other species is something to feel very fortunate about.

As I write this after a night of strong ( yes, you've got it! ) south easterly winds, the rain is lashing on the windows and conditions outside are pretty rough. Various ferries in the Outer Hebrides appear set to be affected by the 45 knot winds, or already have been, but ours is currently described as being on "Normal Service". Whilst you don't really need to know all that it might well be an indicator that conditions are set to improve!!

Since writing about the "pulse" of passage of various warblers and chats, the situation seems to have settled down enormously with no similar movement taking place. As yet the noticeable "falls" of Meadow Pipits haven't occurred and the recurrent south easterlies might be playing a part in this scenario too by holding birds back

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