Monday, August 13, 2012

Sunday, 12th August, 2012.

Would you believe, I've actually no intention of firing off a few rounds of comment or criticism to add any form of acknowledgement or recognition  to this day or date. It's best consigned to being an anachronistic token!   Must stop now, but feel I did well......

Basically it was a foul day here. A strong, blustery south east wind accompanied by rain , mist at times and overcast conditions, although it felt very mild. The passerines moving through the local area yesterday had all gone, leaving a  strange, empty atmosphere cloaking the hill land, never at its best with this type of accompanying weather!!

And so, after spending too much time at a computer, planning some work on Grey lag Geese, what was left?  Yes, it had to be the Olympics!   Endless summaries of accomplishments, all of which were soundly deserved, after which came the Closing Ceremony. In all honesty I think one's impression could only ever reflect  the output the television broadcasts provided and that you really needed to be there to fully appreciate the spectacle.  I will admit that, throughout the fortnight, I've felt very proud of what we were achieving in providing the whole series of events and the way in which things were being conducted, in addition to our phenomenal performances in a whole range of sports. Well done!   A time to feel very British and proud of the fact and proud too of the goodwill and many friends made within the process. . Why is it "we can" when we have to?  Now,  let's tackle some of our national problems with the same fervour, consideration and zeal!!

Within all this extravaganza no one mentioned the Perseus Meteor Showers anticipated for last night during most of the hours of darkness until dawn, with anticipated sightings even reaching several per hour.  I somehow guess the London area with its own immense "lightshow" was badly placed to pass judgement as were we given the overcast weather conditions!! There's an outside chance there may be a repeat tonight!!

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