Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Hawk and Owl Trust supports E-petition !!

Following discussions with Barbara Handley  ( Chair of the Trustees, Hawk and Owl Trust ) , E-mails with HQ and a follow up conversation with Lin Murray (HOT PR Officer ) I can advise that the Trust has pledged its full support for the E-petition. The decision by the Trustees was unanimous and the petition will now be promoted to members and HOT's contacts at a variety of intervals over the next months and previous to the petition closing in February, 2014.

Such generous support is extremely welcome and will no doubt assist greatly in promoting the need for regulation on upland grouse moors and gamekeepers via a licencing system. Until recently the Hawk and Owl Trust played a role within the Environment Council's Hen Harrier Dialogue process, but withdrew after a prolonged period of discussion had resulted in no progress whatsoever. This followed a similar withdrawal by both the RSPB and the North East Raptor Forum.

Clearly the current situation needs a fresh impetus given the unrelenting level of raptor persecution which exists. The petition addresses that issue, in its broadest context, and hopefully will result in some serious consideration of steps aimed at eliminating the continuing persecution of our birds of prey by factions within the shooting fraternity who set themselves above the law.

Hawk and Owl Trust..........many thanks indeed !!.

If YOU haven't yet signed the petition, please follow the link below.

Licencing upland grouse moors and gamekeepers.

Thank you.

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