Monday, July 29, 2013

A day partially in the hills.

Linked with some liaison work I'd to complete before commencing some work I then had a very relaxing day in the hills. Following my previous convictions Northern Wheatears appear to have had a pretty thin season and have all but moved on already. By contrast Meadow Pipits seem to have had a good season contrasted against the last couple of years.  These, alongside cronking Ravens, but little else amongst the high tops, set the scene for the day.

Pied Wagtails are much in evidence at the moment and one juvenile obligingly explored the recesses below the windscreen wipers of my car for insect remains whilst I had my lunch.  A reassuring confirmation that we can enjoy a close relationship with wildlife if we respect their needs!!  Everywhere there seemed to be Green-veined White butterflies, a few Ringlets and odd Small Tortoiseshell, the recent good weather for once supporting the needs of these attractive creatures.

The afternoon spoilt itself with a period of quite heavy rain, which admittedly freshened things up , but also brought things to a stop!! And so back home for an early bath as the honourable game would declare!!

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