Saturday, July 6, 2013

Frustrating Frigatebird!!

An early post as I guess some people will be looking for an update on the current situation.  Basically, having spent the early hours in the Bowmore area and around Upper Loch Indaal , I came home at 1000 hours, grabbed some breakfast given I'd left at 0400 hours, and headed out for the coast, hoping perhaps that the "usual" morning feeding presence of Gannet, Kittiwakes and a few terns might attract a bird with a Frigatebird's  nature.  No luck whatsoever. I then decided to have a "patient session" overlooking and scoping the Outer part of Loch Indaal  just in case the bird was present there and the birding action was concentrated in the upper reaches of the loch. Again with no success.   I lost an hour somewhere and have a few bites to prove it, but I somehow don't believe I missed anything. Having got home a while ago I can say that I've had no messages, so I'm presuming the bird has not been seen by anyone and nothing seems to have broken on Rare Bird Alert.   I know some people had made the journey to Islay and feel frustrated it's not been possible to pin the damned thing down ( remember I've not seen it either, folks! ).

Whilst in the general Bowmore area this morning a passage Greenshank, Sandwich Tern and a noticeable south east trickle of LBBG adults suggested autumn is upon us. The accumulation of waders way out from the Merse , increasing numbers of Curlew on the inner area and a moulting flock of Red-breasted Merganser suggested its time to start counting in earnest once the current distraction has been pinned down or hopes abandoned entirely.  More news later no doubt.  

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