Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A bit later than intended!

Right, well the prognosis is " fit, more or less flexible" , so let's see how things progress!

After a couple of days of gales with strong NWesterlies birding logic suggested being out on the coast seawatching was the sensible option.  Surely Sabines Gulls and Leach's Petrels would be the very essence of such conditions?  Well, if such was the case, it certainly didn't apply between 0700 -0930 hours!! Within that time fierce squalls and associated heavy showers were the order of the day with, at times, the wind reaching at least F6/7.  It was a bit grim , and that was the bird passage!  A few Gannets, GBBG, Manx Shearwater and odd Fulmar,,,,,, and that was it!   Admittedly one of the Fulmars was a possible "Blue", but moved through at such speed it was almost lost before being seen. How strange after such a potentially supportive system of weather.   Ah well, such is life and there's always tomorrow.

Later I looked at Outer Loch Indaal and was again surprised at how few birds had come in to shelter. Odd Red-throated Diver and Guillemot ....and that was it. Unfortunately I hadn't an opportunity to look at the inner loch where more birds might have been present.

The last few days has seen few birds in evidence locally, which is hardly surprising given the conditions. However, as the wind died down and we were warmed by a weak late afternoon sun , birds began to appear. As I returned home late afternoon a loose party of 8/9 Stonechats were playing around on the fence line along the road and a small number of Meadow Pipits were in evidence.

Overall, a strange day but perhaps tomorrow will be different....and better!

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