Friday, September 6, 2013

Return to normality?

I'm conscious that it's almost a month since I put out a Blog on the site, for which apologies to those who, in between times, have checked for entries.  After being in Yorkshire looking at a couple of sites in mid August I then went to the BirdFair at Rutland.  Whilst I only had two days there I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and for the first time in many years actually managed to attend a couple of talks.  Independence in the extreme!!  It was great with time spent chatting to contacts from abroad , stallholders and indulging in dreams of visiting far off places based on the plethora of advice, information, talks which was available. Meeting up with friends, some of which I'd not seen for a couple of years, was particularly enjoyable and generated many a pleasant memory.

Returning back to Islay, time was immediately devoted to preparations for the annual census of Grey lag Geese, which I've organized for several years, and to the actual survey itself on the 27th August. The results were disappointing in the sense that birds were elusive on the day and further work was clearly required. Following that everything went downhill in that I injured my back and have been "laid up" ever since. Things are beginning to return to normal, but I have to register my sympathy with anyone who suffers from back trouble on a regular basis. What an all embracing condition it can turn out to be! Every small movement invites agony and a following period of staring at a fixed spot as if hit by a taser whilst tensed up waiting for the flood of pain to subside. Having spent the time semi immobilised in a chair supported by cushions like some historical potentate ( minus the scantily clad "assistants", the grapes and the punkhawallah....I had to make do with an open window for a welcoming draught ! ) things are finally returning to normal. First amongst several tasks in the next few days is to get further work done on the above Grey lags, so I hope with increasing optimism that things are returning to normal!!

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