Monday, January 28, 2019

Criticism of Islay Barnacle Goose cull gathers momentum.

Since issuing a Blog relating to the cull of Barnacle Geese on Islay three days ago further details have now been issued on the Animal Concern Advice Line   (Barnacle Goose shooting  ). Simply tap this link and enter the News section.

Apparently the incidents caught on video occurred in February and March of 2018, which may have escaped my notice previously, as opposed to within the current winter season. These incidents have now been referred to Police Scotland for consideration of possible wildlife crimes and firearms offences. It is alleged that one of the shooters involved is possibly known to the Police already.

I would urge readers to visit the above web site, consult the reportage , set out as copy correspondence, and access the video footage, all of which give a more vivid and graphical record than can be achieved by mere description.

In addition to the above, Animal Concern has contacted Scottish MP's and drawn the matter to their attention.  Clearly the 10% "crippling rate" accepted by SNH is not resting easily with the animal welfare organization and presents a further aspect over which SNH's feet are likely to be held to the fire !

At the present time I'm unaware of any public statement having been issued by Scottish Natural Heritage  (SNH ) , which might shed further light on the reported circumstances.

My initial Blog rested mainly on the advocated need for the current strategy, which includes a cull of geese, to be re-visited  and revised. In the excellent paper, published in British Wildlife, mention was made of animal welfare issues, but not in detail and certainly not to the extent associated with the above reported incidents. Clearly the results of the inquiry now being conducted by the Police and the obvious negative PR aspects automatically directed towards the Strategy, it is incumbent upon SNH  to routinely re-evaluate the scheme overall and its operational management ?

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