Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Project Splatter.

When first I came across the above title I suspect my reaction was similar to that which has just gone through your minds !!   But I was intrigued too, so I explored a little further.

In essence it's a Citizen Science exercise run as a serious research project by academics. With the ever growing amount of traffic on our roads the levels of roadkill very probably have never been higher. This project aims to collect all such records so that a quantified assessment can be set out and the problem given serious exposure. 

Take a read at the website Project Splatter  ( simply click on this link ) and check out the details provided.  I've elected to download the app ( Android ), which is made available, and which will now enable me to send in records as and when. Whilst I guess we're never going to be able to eliminate the problem of roadkill at least this project is making a serious attempt to evaluate the problem.  And, yes, I know that,  whilst driving along a busy road and seeing a dead Badger on the verge,  it's not even legal to reach for your phone, engage your Grid Reference app and give a precise report of location etc, but ingenuity will overcome that I'm sure !!

A simple involvement as a UK Citizen to ensure the death of part of our wildlife heritage wasn't entirely in vain. 

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