Wednesday, August 16, 2023

A general day. 15th August, 2023.

The weather forecast proved its worth and provided a sunny, warm and pleasant day, albeit with a blustery wind at times.  I decided to take advantage and visit a range of areas within and around the Spurn recording area. 

Called in to the Outstrays development which can be overlooked from the Skeffling pumping station. The site is located between Skeffling and Welwick/Outstrays and will eventually involve the breaching of the Humber embankment to allow the river to enter the various areas which have been constructed/prepared in this vast enclosed area. A large site and one with huge potential for the future and conservation of wildlife.

Again spent the afternoon seawatching and whilst nothing exceptional was seen it was nice to see an almost continuous stream of terns moving south, some waders on the move and numbers of Kittiwake offshore.  By way of an ending a Greenshank flew, calling, over the accommodation unit as I cooked an evening meal, a reminder that I'd never made my visit to the wetlands !

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