Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Rather routine throughout ! 22 August, 2023.

 Well, after all the excitement the winds have changed and things seem to have settled into the routine!  Whilst a look at the list of things that have been seen on any one day can be very impressive, from an individual's point of view , Spurn's recording area is very large stretching, as it does, northwards to Easington!!  That means that choices have to be made as to where you cover !  Alongside all this, dedicated observers covering sea passage or visual migration are on station for long periods of time and miss little. All put together, an individual observer looking out from Sammy's Point when something turns up at the Point way across the Bay has little chance  of connecting with it if it's on the move. But that's the excitement that surrounds birding and deciding on the "itinerary" for the day can be part of it ( or suggest your selection criteria needs revising! ).  

Deciding on coverage of the core areas around the observatory accommodation down to the Warren wasn't a bad choice followed by a visit to Sammy's Point.  Odd migrants were around ( Willow Warbler, Redstart, Spotted Flycatcher, Yellow Wagtail ) ,out on the Humber numbers of Golden Plover were present, several Whimbrel were around, Greenshank and a fine adult Mediterranean Gull.  And the weather was fine , so a very pleasant day in the end . It provided an opportunity for a good chat with friends  Robert and Sue Cookson and Dave Spivack and to catch up with family now that telephone reception has improved !!!

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