Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Time to reflect ? 30th August, 2023.

Back home now following a very relaxing and enjoyable time.  Indeed, looking forward to the next session !!

Sadly, set against the number of migrants on passage, I get the uncomfortable feeling that an analysis at the end of the autumn will suggest bird numbers have tumbled yet again.  Whilst I admit there is a need for more scientific evidence ( which will emerge in due course ) collective opinion does seem to reach the same sort of conclusions!   Hopefully we'll be wrong and, for instance, the several evenings of clear skies have allowed a mini exodus of common migrants which has resulted in fewer being around during ensuing days.  

At the same time I hear that quite a number of the Cuckoos that have been tagged by the BTO are already south of the Sahara, so all is not doom and gloom.  What does need to improve immeasurably is the current Government's response and initiatives to environmental matters.  The fine words and promises of yesteryear seem to have been cast upon the wind in many cases with no sincere commitments currently being offered to wildlife policies, indeed DEFRA' 's profile appears to be at its lowest ebb ever. The skewed PR afforded the latest outpourings relating to the current season's brood management figures on Hen Harrier seemingly aimed at  bolstering up the grouse shooting lobby whose future increasingly appears to be under stress and strain.  Time will tell, but it would be nice to see a slightly more independent view coming forward from  the Government's senior advisor on wildlife matters, and equally a more robust position being pursued by the RSPB given the future of grouse shooting in the uplands is increasingly being called into question!  Time will certainly tell but with a General Election being held in 2024 now is not too early to be raising expectations of what might comprise future change ! 

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