Thursday, January 10, 2013

And finally, reasonable weather! 8.1.2013.

After several days of poor weather, coinciding with my daughters being with me, their departure immediately saw the onset of an improvement in conditions, which obviously we can't grumble about , but which so often, unfortunately, seems to be the case!

As I travelled northwards up the Rinns just after dawn, the high sky was lit up by the sun emerging below the extensive blanket of cloud and lighting the underside of each "billow" with a crimson tinge. Shortly afterwards a whole succession of skeins of geese came westwards across Loch Indaal adding a remarkable dynamic set against the backdrop of the sky. It was all over in minutes, but provided one of those memorable moments that excite and impress.

Goose counting throughout the day held no surprises, other than being able to be out and about in pleasant weather! Small birds appear to be in short supply, which would also include winter thrushes, although Starling flocks appear more numerous than in recent weeks. Sightings of Sparrowhawk , Mistle Thrush and two flocks of Hooded Crow ( 35 and 12 ) added interest to the day but our main "reward" was in gaining some tremendous views of the various Barnacle and Greenland White-fronted Geese we encountered.

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