Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Highland Wildlife 15.1.2013.

I particularly enjoyed the BBC's Winterwatch last evening based at the Aigas Field Centre in the Highlands of Scotland, west of Inverness. The views of the Beavers and Pine Martens were absolutely stupendous and underscore the extent to which views of some of our wildlife can only be gained by specialized means. The footage of the Pine Marten capturing its prey was remarkable!

At the beginning there was a shot of a log cabin located at the far side of the loch, which immediately brought back many treasured memories. My two youngest daughters lived on the Aigas Estate for several years when my ex-wife worked at the Centre for Sir John Lister-Kaye. Due to the generosity of Sir John and Lady Lucy I stayed on the Estate quite regularly when visiting the girls, either in one of the comfortable log cabins used to accommodate attendees on the tours and educational courses run by Aigas or in the equally comfortable large log cabin alongside the loch. Such was a real experience given it was located immediately alongside the loch itself, with its surrounding woodland and with the hills rising in the background. Utterly idyllic and imbued with  absolute tranquility!  What's more  an actual view of the loch could be had whilst lying in bed (!) in the main bedroom which, on one occasion, provided a glimpse of a visiting Osprey hunting across the loch's surface in the emerging morning light. Tremendous!

The Aigas Centre can be followed on Facebook and via its website Aigas Field Centre where you can find details of the wildlife, nature and history tours on offer each season. If you've never been to the Highlands and want to have an introduction to what will prove to be an unforgettable experience, then you could do no better than consider one of the tours on offer. With fabulous wildlife on the doorstep and all the Highland "specialities" within reach via the day tours it's certainly a consideration any potential visitor should consider.

But , of course, unless I've misunderstood matters completely, we're to be treated to further visits by the programme. Compulsory viewing!

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