Thursday, January 24, 2013

Change is in the air and on the ground! 18.12013.

Whilst no more snow had fallen it was very cold! The situation underfoot and on side roads was a bit iffy and the visibility was poor at best. In the screening woodland around the Travelodge Redwings and Blackbirds silently, and rather desperately, foraged for food which suggested the poor conditions were already begining to take effect. Having already altered or abandoned various intended plans I was left with a fairly easy day where I could respond to what were obviously going to be changing conditions.

 After a failed venture to see male Smew ( I later learned it had moved! ) and a couple of mini-adventures in "virgin car parks" at local reservoirs, I completed a few domestic tasks and then went to visit a couple of friends. This was always going to be a non-birding day, but conditions then suggested such circumstances might extend further than today!! Full of tea and trepidation I moved southwards to Sheffield, where snow began to fall in earnest but appeared to be making the travel situation no worse. Matthew and I decided to go for it and headed southwards down the A1, only to encounter a major diversion due to an accident which added at least an hour to our journey time. Conditions around Melton Mowbray were rough and deteriorating and it was with decided relief that we reached our Travelodge.  Lessons learned......many and several!!

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