Sunday, April 6, 2014

The E-petition is still alive and well, believe me!

Like me I'm sure that you were appalled at the patronising response from the Government towards the E-petition with proposals, given the continuing levels of raptor persecution, to have the  Licencing of upland grouse moors and gamekeepers considered. I've now had a few days within which I've been able to give the whole subject quiet consideration, as opposed to what my thoughts were at the very beginning!!  There were clear elements of incompetence associated with the response too, which makes one question the commitment to the process from the Government.

I'll repeat what I said before, and that is " thank you", to the ten thousand plus people who supported the proposals and who ensured a Government response was forthcoming. Given the response avoided addressing the central aspects of the proposals, indeed trivialised them, and was little more than a positive promotion for the shooting industry I feel a great sense of responsibility to try and repay in some way the support which you all made available previously. I have now spent a couple of days developing a strategy within which the Government response can be countered and this is what I am pledged to do.

I am not going to outline any details for obvious reasons at this stage, as I have no intention of being "wrong footed", but can confirm that action will be initiated within the next seven days.  The issue has certainly not been "put to bed" as a result of the tawdry Government response, indeed the latter's clear endorsement of the shooting industry is noted and might yet serve to be a cause of embarrassment for them.  I shall put out full details on the Blog of the initiatives that I have in mind, and the justifications for them, and it may be that, at that point, some of you are able to lend further support should you wish to.

Again, may I thank everyone for their support and I can assure you the fight is not over!!

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