Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year arrives with a blast! 1.1.2015

Setting events within the last two months aside, or even non-events, the New Year has now arrived and with it an imperative to get this Blog on an even keel again. So here goes!

Having looked at the weather forecast previously I'd already half decided today would not be much use for venturing out. And so it proved with rising winds overnight and rain, an interlude, but then with the same conditions returning in the afternoon and evening. Whilst many birders launch into New Year's Day with frenetic enthusiasm, mainly due to limited time off work I imagine, I decided on a different approach. Retirement provides a few bonuses from time to time! I decided to get all the phone calls and similar tasks out of the way and rely on the predicted improving forecast  ( except tomorrow's forecast is now not much better than today's! ) and then start the New Year in earnest.

So the upshot of all this is that I have seen two bird species today ( Blackbird and Robin ) and have read , somewhat enviously, of rare birds elsewhere and great weather in Norfolk. At the moment the wind is completing a concerto of its own making,  whistling, buffeting and roaring around the buildings, all combining to make for an unsettled night.

Having said all this I did take in the first in David Attenborough's new TV series, Conquest of the Skies. What a tour de force  and what a communicator !  Look for a repeat and don't miss the rest.  How anyone can set nature and the world's wonders aside is beyond me. Whilst everyone can't be obsessive aficionados the sheer beauty and background information surrounding its very existence dictate none of it should be ignored or discarded.  

So, may I wish everyone a happy and productive 2015, may you be in both good heart and health and may your hopes and resolutions become a reality.  

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