Friday, January 2, 2015

Radio programmes week commencing 3rd January, 2015.

I had an idea the other day that might be useful and, there again , it might be quite useless!!  I habitually go through the Radio Times and "spot" both TV and radio programmes I'd like to take in during the following week. Very often I miss them. It occurred to me that a listing of radio programmes might be quite useful for those who are regularly out and about in the car or even tied to a desk throughout the week. Of course, most, if not all, can now be listened to after the event.  As an experiment I thought I'd just list them out and see how it goes.  I haven't included anything before 0600 hours in the morning ( Farming Today and Tweet of the Day ) as neither figure on my "must listen to" list,  not based on prejudice but on preference!!

All programmes this week are on Radio 4.   FM198.

Saturday 3rd January.
0607 hours    Open Country ( Suffolk Coast )
0630 hours    Farming Today.

Sunday   4th January.
0605 hours     Something Understood  ( Arctic Circle ).
0635 hours     On Your Farm  ( Animal Behaviour ).

Monday   5th January.
1100 hours     This Farming Life.
2100 hours     Shared Planet  (Lemurs )

Tuesday    6th January.
1100 hours      Shared Planet  (Corals ).
1530 hours      In search of the Holy Tail   ( Mull....Sea Eagles  and Basking Sharks ).

Thursday   8th January.
1500 hours      Open Country   ( Wiltshire Wellbeing Group )
1630 hours      Inside Science.

Hope it's a help.  I know there's the pre selection facility in some cars, ( for Environment ? ) but above might just capture the odd jem besides!    Happy listening .

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