Friday, January 9, 2015

Radio programmes week commencing 10th January, 2015.

Well I hope at least someone found last week's list of some use. Here's the one for the next seven days , starting tomorrow!! However, as an opener , here's something that is slightly different.  Saturday ( tomorrow ) and Sunday on Radio3  between 0700-0900 hours in the morning sees Tom McKinney introducing the Breakfast show. Now, you may not be a classical music enthusiast, but why not widen your interests?  The reason I'm raising this?  Well you need to know that Tom is a birder and I'd be very surprised if there wasn't something on one of the days that linked to our (and his) interests!  Give it a try.

Radio4   0607 hours  Open Country
              0630 hours   Farming Today. The week.

Radio 4  0635 hours   On Your Farm

Radio 4  1240 hours   A History of Ideas  ( How did everything begin? )
.             1345 hours   The Diary of Brett Westwood.
                                   How wildlife has changed over the last forty years. These programmes will also be                                        broadcast on Tuesday through to Friday at the same time and with a different topic                                        each day.

               2100 hours   Shared Planet  ( Corals ).

Radio 4   1100 hours   Shared Planet.  Group discussion on how we should accommodate our own and
                                    nature's interests on this planet.
                1530 hours   The Human Zoo

Radio 4    1204 hours   A History of Ideas  further discussion on the Big Bang.

Radio 4    1630 hours   BBC Inside Science

Radio 4    2100 hours   A History of Ideas.

Happy listening!!

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