Sunday, April 28, 2013

2012 Spurn Bird Observatory Report available!

If you were searching for an example of what to follow, if you were the aspiring Editor of any form of ornithological report, then the above would figure in the top few selected, indeed, recommended. The quality and sheer professionalism on display is First Class and all involved should be congratulated, particularly the editors Andy Roadhouse and Roy Taylor.

For anyone interested in birds in Yorkshire, or birding in Yorkshire, it's an essential read.  For anyone interested in visiting or staying at the observatory or near Spurn , then its an absolute must!  There is a host of supporting reviews and articles surrounding the routine annual reports, all presented with a level of detail, summaries and comparisons that contrive to present a dynamic picture of the migrant bird life  for which this site is famed. Accompanying vignettes and photographs enhance the report still further.

See for more details on how you can get your copy, for recent reports, details of future activities and how you can support the Observatory further. Don't miss the opportunity!!!

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