Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Southward bound! 25.3.2013.

Setting aside the fact that the intended plans and birding for the last three days had been summarily lost, it was now time to concentrate on what lay in front. Leaving Dumfries around 0900 hours the first few miles showed that it was drifting snow that had caused the main problems. On one side of the road 4-5 foot drifts were in evidence, but with the other side being virtually devoid of  snow. For those who know the area, Gretna to Penrith held little or no evidence of snow, so the deluge had clearly been local in nature and effect.

All main roads were now clear, although I avoided the A66!  West Yorkshire seemed to have caught its fair share and the overnight forecast wasn't too promising either! Having reached Matthew and Rose's at Sheffield both safely and comfortably, some plotting and planning ensued, although at no point did we anticipate a miraculous turn around in weather resulting in conditions similar to last year when temperatures reached 21C.

Whilst travelling on motorways shouldn't involve  "pursuits" other than concentrating on driving, I get increasingly worried that less and less wildlife can be observed whilst in transit. Even gull numbers seem down compared to previously! I know the weather has been poor , but I seem to have seen nothing since commencing my journey in mainland Argyll other than a few corvids and gulls amidst the endless cosmetic agricultural landscape of Northern England. Where are the tumbling Lapwings of yesteryear...........

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