Thursday, October 31, 2013

Back to normality, thankfully!!

I suspect you've heard many of these moans from me before, but I have to reiterate that living out on one of the Scottish islands is not the best location if you wish to avail yourself of up to date technology, in fact straight forward, usually taken for granted technology can be equally as elusive!  However, having got that rant off my chest I can announce that I have finally got a shining new telephone  ( BT of course, made in China ) and my cyber connection with the world is intact and working effectively again, even on Halloween. No longer will I have to make a fifteen mile round journey, yes 15 miles minimum, to make a mobile phone call!!  Other networks do better so enquiries are in hand!  Whatever the bland remarks of politicians the communication revolution has not yet reached here in its entirety.

Right, what's on the go on this eve of Halloween?  Well, the situation of the moment appears to be revolving around a report put out by Animal Aid which is giving the grouse shooting industry a lambasting.  I've accessed a copy , but not yet read it, so doubtless comments can be made later on what seems to be a very information packed report.

So, sign off time and an evening to be spent attempting to catch up on several days of news and views, a bewitching prospect you might say!!  

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