Thursday, January 9, 2014

Back on line!

After a period of not having internet access ( not an unusual situation here!! ) I can declare I'm "back on line"!!  It's frustrating when it happens and, on this occasion, I have to pass thanks to an Islay resident ( Liz Hathaway ) who put me right and advised the system generally was "down" after a period of my checking plugs, connections, wiring etc etc ,  phone calls and, generally, confusion and no success.

So, starting today as opposed to backtracking, I've been participating in the routine goose counting scheme operated by Scottish Natural Heritage.  I think I've said before that actual goose counting leaves little opportunity for other birding as you're forever scanning for geese!!  Still a fine Sparrowhawk,  a collection of Lapwings around a lens of floodwater, a single Whooper Swan  on an isolated stretch of water and simply being out in much improved weather looking at geese was a bit special, and  signalled things were on the up!

On the way home the outline of a female Hen Harrier caught in the diminishing light of dusk and, later, a Grey Heron sculpted in silhouette alongside Loch Indaal were indicators of the more artistic aspect of watching birds , as opposed to birdwatching!!

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