Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Back to normal! 14.1.2014.

The second day of the International Count proved, as far as geese were concerned , to be much the same as yesterday, which is not surprising as the same route is followed. However, they seemed less "jumpy" which is a real bonus from a counting viewpoint, as geese incessantly on the move over an extensive area breeds confusion!!

What was missing today was the raptor sightings or, indeed, any sightings of less frequently met with species. With the weather calming down what was more obvious were the parties of smaller birds, most of which were associated with the various farmsteads.   Thrush species ( Blackbird, Song Thrush, Redwing and Robin ) were notable , as were odd flocks of Chaffinches, all of which had appreciable numbers of Reed Buntings mixed in with them.

Out on the open fields concentrations of  Common Gulls , and to a lesser extent Herring Gulls, scoured the saturated ground , along with Rooks, Jackdaws and not a few Hooded Crows in several places. Noticeable in the last couple of weeks have been the numerous large flocks of Starlings which are around too. An early signal that things will change was to see Collared Doves in display!

Thoughts of getting photographs of the Iceland and Glaucous Gulls on the return leg home were dashed when it started to rain heavily around 1400 hours without then abating!!  Back to normal!

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