Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hen Harrier E-petition.

I know that's not the actual title, but anyone who has received the circular letter I sent out this week then "thank you " for also accessing this site.  I elected to update people on its progress , and so I shall!

At this stage very many thanks indeed for expressing interest.  As I said in the letter, whilst I've no illusions about the petition automatically leading to the licencing arrangements I suggested, a high number of signatures allows the matter to be raised further with politicians and others and the matter kept alive.

The recent review by the Law Commission of wildlife legislation  didn't result, as some hoped, in firm proposals for the adoption of the offence of Vicarious Liability, as has been the case in Scotland. In fact , what has been suggested in this respect is decidedly lukewarm in my view and hardly any different, or practical, compared to legislation already in place.

We clearly still have a long hard battle ahead as far as raptor persecution is concerned and the worst thing possible is to capitulate following the idiotic denials from some quarters and the apathy exhibited by the current Coalition Government. The subject needs to be kept will be , believe me!

Finally , for those of you coming across this site and not understanding what all the above is about , please access

Licencing of upland grouse moors and gamekeepers

and, more importantly, please sign!!!!

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