Friday, March 9, 2018

Gorgeous Galloway.

No, not George, but the place, the weather and the overall atmosphere. For a final day conditions couldn't have been better and certainly have portrayed the area at its best !   I'd promised myself to do a full circuit of Loch Ryan, as previously, as I had odd things to complete this afternoon. 

Red-throated and Great Northern Divers. Long-tailed Duck, Scaup, Wigeon,  Great Crested Grebe, Eider, Goldeneye , Shelduck ,and a nice variety of waders to compliment the haul, provided an apt and satisfying end to a great week.  Whilst there are certain things I've missed, there are other experiences that I shall continue to savor.  Due to the weather, both in Scotland and elsewhere over the past  couple of weeks, I'm loathe to suggest whether some things are on the move or not. Certainly duck numbers aren't high and the LB Brent Geese appear to have disappeared over the past few days ( but Loch Ryan is a BIG place ! ) . Certainly the nice warm weather this morning had countless common birds in song, but I wouldn't be foolish enough to suggest we've turned any corners !!!!

Within the past couple of weeks a variety of things has emerged that link to Hen Harriers.  Being up here , ( with plenty of "down time" at the beginning of the holiday ) , I've mused over a wide range of relevant topics connected with the current political scene, the continuing plight of Hen Harriers,  various involvements by organizations and individuals and some of the shortcomings. Rather than try and cram thoughts and opinions into one single entry I've decided to put out  a "three part treatment" next week, so watch this space as the saying goes.  The only shortcoming I've discovered already is that the recent computer fiasco has taken with it various photographs I had of harriers , so you might have to do without illustrations !!!!  Apologies!

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