Thursday, March 1, 2018

Snowy update.

Some years ago , when I lived on Islay, I took a late winter holiday  (March) with the intention of visiting S. Yorks, Norfolk and stopping off in SW Scotland to do some birding. The latter never happened as I was marooned in Dumfries and had to stay at the Travelodge for several days due to severe weather. Thereafter my holiday planning was the brunt of family jokes as you might imagine.

So, in this period of inclement chaos where do I find myself?   Dumfries Travelodge ,of course, even down to the same room as previously ( henceforth this will be known as the Armitage Suite and have a blue plaque outside the door ).   Thoughts of getting out and about are best suppressed.  Although the main road ( A75 ) is open the side roads are not worth risking.  Irony, fate.......who knows? 

Yesterday morning , with light snow falling for quite a considerable time, some of the Rooks remained around the local roost adjacent to the Travelodge for most of the morning. The Jackdaws had moved off immediately and weren't seen again until late in the afternoon when they flew through rapidly as a composite group. The Rooks completely abandoned the roost last night and moved elsewhere. Odd birds have put in an appearance this morning but I guess they're having a tough time. Whilst it's far too early to tell, and certainly not to predict things, it will be interesting to see what the after effects are on small bird populations ( Wren, Long-tailed Tit, Goldcrest, ) given the bad weather is pretty universal across the UK with very few areas being unaffected.   This is the time when garden refuges really come into their own! 

So hopes have been dashed as far as planned intentions were concerned and everything is now pinned on next week in the far west ( Stranraer ) which I'll be moving to on Saturday and leaving this Amber Warning area behind !

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