Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Brazilian rainforest......a need to act, now!

A decision has just been made by the Brazilian Congress to approve a Forestry Bill that will open the doors to loggers and farmers to increasingly decimate, utterly, sections of the Amazonian rainforest.

On this occasion , there is a one stop process which can arrest this catastrophe. The Bill requires the approval of the President! She can, if she so wishes, veto the Bill and ensure its rejection. Thankfully, there may well be circumstances which might assist this process. They are unashamedly political in content, but justified in outcome!

In a few weeks President Dilma will host a world summit meeting on the environment. It would surely be illogical and ill-advised to front such an important gathering after having just sanctioned the destruction of what, environmentally, is viewed as a  "Wonder of the World" as opposed to being seen as a convenient and easily available economic resource. Thankfully, it is alledged 79% of Brazilians feel the proposals within the Bill are wrong but, clearly, elected representatives are ignoring this body of opinion.

Now, I admit I lobby, actively, on a variety of wildlife and environment issues and can ,quite rightly, be accused of having an "already converted " view. I fully accept that and declare my support for the current petition, but please take a look at the reportage below in order to gain a balanced view.

Over the period 2004-2011 Brazil has seen a 78% decline in its deforestation rate due to monitoring,  world opinion, strong enforcement and a world acclaimed forestry law. Much of this is now being ignored, indeed, it virtually endorses the devastation of the rainforest by loggers in previous times.Always remember this area "produces" 20% of our world's oxygen, as well as helping to regulate the effects of climate change.

As ever in this modern world, dirty politics are at play. Dilma was assisted in getting elected by the agricultural lobby, which is now wanting the Brazilian rainforest to be opened up for economic exploitation. Admittedly Brazil has many people existing in poverty, but studies have shown cutting down forests will not benefit a majority of people. As is so usual,  pressure focussed on commercial gain is the underlying impetus behind this initiative.

The focus of this Bill is wrong, ill advised and will contribute little to Brazil's problems.It needs to be halted!! In this context, would you agree to a family heirloom being destroyed?  Of course not, then may I urge that you don't stand by an allow a  "World Heirloom" to be desecrated!

Please sign the petition below and halt this madness!!  Time is of the essence.

I have! You must...surely!

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