Sunday, May 13, 2012

Natural anybody there?

At a time when we appear to be facing a very real crisis as far as England's breeding population of Hen Harrier is concerned, where is  Natural England?

Conspicuous by their silence would be a charitable assessment in my view, given not even an acknowledgement of the situation has emerged from the organisation that is supposed to preside over wildlife matters given their position as the Government's advisor within  DEFRA.!! Heads below the parapet might even be the order of the day. Given their (prophetic?) report issued in late 2008 on persecution of Hen Harriers, would it not be logical for them to be echoing the conclusions presented in that report, namely that there was a clear connection with managed grouse moors and the loss of Hen Harriers and that there is a need to initiate robust change! .Perhaps this resonates a bit too close to be comfortable with the land owning Tory element within the Coalition, and particularly given the latter's claim to be the Greenest Government ever!!  After all, it wouldn't do for one's advisers to be drawing attention to details that detract from the main message!

However, one would think that, with the imminent demise of the English Hen Harrier breeding population becoming an ever increasing reality, there would surely be some comment forthcoming from the Government's adviser?  Well, as far as I can establish there has been........nothing!!!  Their Web site currently centres attention in May on

  • the quest to find the Landscape Photographer of the Year
  • the Turtle Dove  conservation initiative
  • International Dawn Chorus Day
  • Visit a National Nature Reserve
Errm! Interesting, but no mention of harriers, although the Turtle Dove initiative is tremendous!

Perhaps some other pressing issues are occupying the thoughts and collective mind of the organisation? Hopefully we'll be pleasantly surprised, although I somehow doubt it ( sadly ).

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