Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Return to reality! 7.5.2012.

Whilst I'll not bore you with the details, some as yet undiscovered fault on the freezer had caused the contents to virtually thaw through during my absence and remain like that for a few days. Windows open time and not a cause for celebration and a real appetite depressant too it must be said!
To accompany all that the weather was miserable with rain showers and a continuing brisk wind which provided a welcome cleansing "flush" through the back door!!

At least one of the local Swallows has returned and the resident Pied Wagtails are clearly nesting in the log pile, as they've attempted to do in each of the last four years. I can't recollect they've ever been successful and blame one or another of the two feral cats that stalk the local landscape. On the grass moor opposite the sentinel presence of both GBBG and Herring Gulls is a salutary reminder of the part they play as seasonal predators of both Lapwing and Curlew chicks from the nearby nesting pairs. At what is a time when many of our birds are yet to arrive, some of our residents have almost finished their annual contribution to the process already with some , of course, completing a further cycle in the breeding round in the weeks ahead.

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