Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Should we give the Government a pasting, or a pasty?

For once , I hope this will be seen as a light hearted piece, more as a relief from a day of intense lobbying on my part against the current proposals by DEFRA associated with the control of Buzzards. For those reading this from countries other than the UK, the pasty reference in the title is a consequence of a U-turn today by the UK Government on a tax that would otherwise have been levied on pasties!!!. A much loved fast food item that includes meat, potatoes, onion and other ingredients,......oh, for a fast food outlet on Islay !!  A very confused taxation proposal that, perhaps, is the basis of thinking within other ideas coming forward! When is a pasty hot or cold, that is the question, about which even the Bard may have been confused!

But ,NO, I will try and stick to levity!!  To continue.  Have Cuckoo's a sense of humour ? This morning my "local" Cuckoo called at 0332 hours!  I had actually gone to bed early in order to be up for some "early" survey work , but this was ridiculous. Was this a way the species was getting back at us all because of its name, I ask? Even the amorous , territorial and local Pheasant followed with a respectable appearance at 0402 hours. A day with a disgruntled  beginning. Not an uncommon element in terms of my entry to the daily world I would offer!!

After my return to "base" , and a well deserved rest, I commenced to issue my opinions on the Buzzard control proposals coming forward from DEFRA. I genuinely believe they're misguided and should be reconsidered and something we should be prepared to give the \Government a pasting on  ( pasting , to the uninitiated, is a hammering , a beating , an humiliation ) and, in the current climate I would suggest, the award of a pasty! Not so for Baroness Parminter, who responded to my E-mail within two minutes ( yes,2 minutes , folks ) of my sending it off!   OK, she may have been sitting next to the computer and have time to respond, but I shall most certainly be recommending she is not given the " Award of the Pasty ", but something far more relevant in terms of being in tune with the need for a sensible consideration of matters associated with the issue and the courage to make comments on the Liberal Democrats web site, see this link  ( Protecting Buzzards.).  (Thank you for listening, Baroness Parminter ).

And , finally , for something different!  Not birds, but bees. The "conversation" all fathers avoid!!  Not so in this case. Friends of the Earth are calling on the Government to bring into being a National Bee Action Plan to ensure that the way we farm and plan our towns and cities are all part of an integrated system that support our bee populations, which are under siege. A campaign worth putting weight behind, be it through providing plants in your own garden or campaigning for in support of change. It needs your support.

And now for a pasty!  A product I usually purchase in multiples from a Morrisson Supermarket when on the mainland , and very tasty they are too!

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