Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Icelandic in all but origin. 1.2.2013

Following a further busy day I decided I'd use my final "free" day in visiting the coast. The Iceland Gull present at Barmston on the east coast of Yorkshire considered to be the form,  kumlieni, seemed an opportunity too good to miss, so early morning saw me headed in that direction. It took a while before I saw this vagrant from NE Canada and, whilst I agreed it looked more robust and heavier billed than the nominate form, I never actually saw it down on the ground. It appeared  flew around for a while and then disappeared on three occasions and gave more than rewarding views.

During this time period of almost three hours a noticeable movement of 300-400 Herring Gull took place southwards down the coast. Odd Red-throated divers moved off the coast and odd parties of Dunlin and some Sanderling were in evidence. Later I moved to Hornsea and spent some time at The Mere looking through the large numbers of waterbirds which were present. all in all , a good day!

Taking account of the predicted weather which was developing I'd changed my plans such that I would now be travelling back to Islay tomorrow, as opposed to in three days time when forecasts suggested things were likely to be a bit "robust".!!!  It's best to be flexible living in my part of the world.

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