Monday, February 4, 2013

Service now resumed!

First of all, many apologies for the abrupt absence of "service" over past days.  I had supposedly made provision for WiFi access where I was staying, which worked for one evening only, as opposed to the whole week. Yours not impressed!  Waves will be made.

Talking of waves, I also changed my arrangements, sensibly I think, for my return to Islay. It meant setting aside a couple of commitments and visits in Lancashire and Dumfries, but I think it was well advised.  I was due to return today  Mon.4th , but if I say the wind has just whipped a large refuse bin across the yard you'll understand why I made the decision!  I managed to get back late on the 2nd (Sat) on a perfect sea.........

I have reports for the time I was away and will be catching up with their posting over the next couple of days.    

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