Tuesday, April 2, 2019

A declaration that makes no mention of Brexit !!!

Well, after several false starts I believe I can now say, "Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible ", as used to appear in times past when a break in TV transmission had occurred.  Since injuring my knee last September, moving back to normality has been slow and attempts to hasten on the process have proved futile and ill advised.

Thankfully I'm now convinced I can contemplate a bit of normal wear and tear so, to this end , I'm  just about to have a month long, leisurely birding trip out to Cyprus , which I hope will offset what has been a frustrating period.  A word of warning, don't confuse mobility with activity. Hobbling about the house ,or a quick shopping trip, aren't comparative to being out tramping around the local reservoir and, also, attempting to make the transition too early involves paying the price of further delay !

So all those enticing promises ( a big year list,  exploring new areas and participating in surveys ) have had to be set aside and more modest , undeclared targets arrived at .  Some benefits have emerged of course. I've decided on a new personal recording patch ( quite a big one, of which more later ) ,  read endless books, decided on some future survey work and researched a few foreign trips. It hasn't been a complete waste of time.

So, out to Cyprus for virtually the whole of April, which is one of the best months out there for migration.  Intensity at a gentle pace if such can be the case.  Birdlife International is promoting the importance of the European- Africa Flyway and I hope to link my own reportage with that initiative. I'll put out an introductory Blog and ,then , issue a Blog on a daily basis for the duration of the trip. For those who know Cyprus I hope it will bring back enjoyable memories and , for those who have never been, I hope it provoke an intention to visit.  After the stop-start scenario of the last few months I have to say, I can't wait !!

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