Thursday, April 11, 2019

Wednesday, 10th April. Routine but productive.

Other arrangements dictated that we needed to return to the hotel for early afternoon , so we concentrated on sites on the Akrotiri Peninsula. First to the Tower Hide where we had a croaking Little Bittern that refused to reveal itself !  Moving on,  a Black Francolin in flight was noteworthy, but little else was seen around the coastal track.

With time running on we settled in at the Rabbit Farm pools. A good selection of waders was present. Most of the LRP had moved on , but Wood Sandpiper and Marsh Sandpiper were still around ( or were they new birds ? ).  Patient grilling of the site produced two Sanderling in Spring plumage which then promptly disappeared. Once things had settled down  a concentrated examination of the site yielded up a Temminck's Stint and a Curlew Sandpiper. This was in transitional plumage and the forerunner of what I understand is likely to be a greater presence of birds very shortly.

A visit to Agios Georgios produced a Common Redstart but virtually nothing else  ( at least this provided a useful baseline against which to more easily judge future new arrivals ! ).

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