Saturday, April 6, 2019

Wed April 3rd In transit at last !

 0230 hours saw me leaving home, after clearing the car and windscreens of ice amidst sub zero temperatures, and taking care to avoid what seemed to be the inevitable dodgy road section !  The Doncaster/ Sheffield Robin Hood Airport is no more than an hour from home and I was in good time to sort out the car parking arrangements and be in place for the 0500 hours book in.

Come 0710 hours we were airborne and any thoughts of poor weather could be put aside !  The plane was full, "us retireds "  know how to live you know despite the doom and gloom which currently enshrouds the UK !   The flight was on time , arriving at Paphos, Cyprus at 1140 hours amidst glorious sunshine. After all the usual formalities I was in an arranged taxi being whisked eastwards to the St. Raphael Resort in Limassol where I'm going to be based until early May . Believe you me, it was a delight to be putting on sunglasses !!!

The hotel is rated a 5 star and certainly qualifies as far as available facilities are concerned. I booked this venture with Mercury Holidays almost a year ago , taking advantage of various deals on offer as I don't usually aspire to such comfort !  If you're in a position to do so,  then try it somewhere as the "rewards" on offer are extremely attractive.  I was joining a good friend of mine ,who visits Cyprus regularly and who was out doing the rounds of various local birding sites  with Colin Richardson, nowadays a resident of Cyprus having moved from the UAE some years ago.

As agreed we met  ( in the bar, where else ?) at 1800 hours and immediately started to plot and plan the next day's birding activities, pore over what had been seen recently and what was still around, and basically put together a birding  campaign for the next month !  Heady stuff 1 After a great meal I'm afraid I bowed out , retired to my room and availed myself of the comfort !!

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