Friday, April 19, 2019

Tuesday, 16th April.......Germosoigea dam and coast.

But first a tale of woe !    Sorry for the delay in processing these entries , but I've had a few problems with WiFi connectivity !! This is not the only techie problem either ! My camera has thrown a wobbly, and whilst nothing appears to be broken , it nonetheless refuses to operate properly.  No pics of rarities for the present I'm afraid!.

I didn't recognize the area when first we arrived as the winter rains had filled it to capacity. Spur valleys were full  and few of the regular areas for waders or crakes remained compared to the more usual circumstances. Nonetheless , it's a great area , seems under watched  but has tremendous potential. It sits in a huge basin and has always struck me as a good area for raptors, indeed, Long legged Buzzard and Bonelli's Eagle have been seen there.  But not on this day. The heavens opened, gave the car a good wash , but brought scanning activities to a halt.   The only real bonus by lunchtime was a singing Common Whitethroat, yep that was how far we had descended , folks !  The only redeeming feature from the area on this occasion was finding a shop which sold us the most delicious chicken rolls I've ever tasted ( notice the "ever"  ).

So down to the coast we went, where we had brilliant views of a male Golden Oriole near Phasouris reedbeds  and then found a newly arrived Isabelline Wheatear  and a Squacco Heron , (which literally looked as if it had reached the coast and pitched down onto the strand line !), near the now disused fish farm.  Despite searching , little else seemed on offer so we went on again to Lady's Mile  where the situation repeated itself. A few gulls allowed us to exercise our new found "expertise ".

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