Monday, June 3, 2013

A complete washout. 24.5.2013.

I have to confess that I spent far too much time in the car today. I had to, as from 0900 hours,it rained almost continuously.

Forlornly looking out over a rain lashed landscape offered an opportunity to reflect on a whole host of subjects, including the obvious proliferation of offshore wind turbines so evident from Hunstanton, Norfolk. Whilst I acknowledge that survey appraisals are made of such sites and we appear to have a fairly robust system of considering such proposals, I still continue to be sceptical about the potential collision effects with birds. Random collisions, complete "disasters" within stochastic events when storms and poor visibility apply, are still major concerns in my book and I sincerely wonder what the accumulative effects might be in the fullness of time. With criticisms arising about efficacy, one also wonders whether this will actually address the problem of our needs for sustainable energy or simply be an expensive sop that damages even more the fabric and heritage within our countryside, makes fortunes for some but, in the end, produces very little.

As you can see the weather had begun to have a depressing effect on my thinking and well being, compounded by the obvious fact of an increasing flow of traffic into Norfolk throughout the day for the Bank Holiday weekend. Time to return to the David Attenborough book ...........

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