Sunday, June 2, 2013

Waders save the day. 22.5.2013.

The day began with an eye-level encounter with a male Sparrowhawk which glided past in fast, level flight 2m  from the Travelodge window!

Journeyed to Cley NWT Reserve where first of all I called in at the Centre to have a chat with Patrick Dwyer before setting out along the eastern part of the reserve. as ever my interest in Grey lag Geese was roused by the presence of several broods of already well grown young and thoughts of how this season might turn out on Islay!

A fine obliging Wood Sandpiper (2013,213 ) fed nearby to the bank and a single Black-tailed Godwit was similarly present across the field followed, shortly after, by a flock of around 40 flying over the main body of the reserve. a period of seawatching produced only a few Gannet and a couple of Brent Geese flying east.

I then decided to simply cast around suitable areas inland of the north coast and look for Montagu's Harriers as RSPB are currently requesting observations, a job that proved to be singularly unsuccessful!  But I saw a lot of rural Norfolk and realised there is rather a lot of it ( more than I realised previously! ). Late afternoon saw me visiting Titchwell RSPB Reserve, which is always a favourite, particularly once the crowds have subsided! Just beyond the Centre I spent a pleasant spell sitting in the warm sunshine watching a Spotted Flycatcher ( 2013, 214 ) making repeated foraging flights out from the bushes surrounding the pond. Wandering down the main track towards the coast  I soon located the two Temminck's Stints ( 2013, 214 )  feeding on one of the small islets within the freshwater marsh.. The return "leg" saw me enjoying prolonged views, with a couple of other people, of a feeding Reed Warbler just down from the path. It was entirely oblivious of our presence and provided one of those occasions when a simple intimate encounter with a common species proves to be so rewarding.

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