Tuesday, June 11, 2013

E-mail issued to Environment Minister, Scottish Government re current Leadhills Estate incident.

Dear Minister Wheelhouse, may I register my utter dismay and disgust at what comes over as a system of incompetence as far as the Police are concerned, the utter disregard on repeated occasions by the Leadhills Estate of the requirements of wildlife law, use of poisons in the countryside etc and the increasing inaction or complacency being exhibited by your Department. You will no doubt be aware of the details I refer to via the entry on the Raptor Persecution Scotland website.
These incidents are the very knub upon which focus should be directed, not attention diverted to wasteful "Citizen Science involvements" associated with the reporting of Hen Harriers when full results relating to the status of such are available either through the 2010 UK wide survey or the BTO Atlas results.
Despite promises to the contrary from your Department, evidence suggesting any meaningful initiatives aimed at change, as far as raptor persecution is concerned, are simply not forthcoming and render previous commitments and statements either empty rhetoric or hypocrisy at best. I am neither impressed nor feel the Government is in command of the situation. From the public viewpoint the only conclusion one can reach is that the estate owners are ignoring any necessary restrictions, the Government is powerless to influence such "independence" and the level of commitment and expertise exhibited by the Police is questionable. Isn't it about time some firm action was taken, not promised, and the very heritage that Scotland is proud of and tourists pay money to enjoy is given some measure of protection by your government?
John S. Armitage

John S. Armitage
Isle of Islay,
PA47 7SZ

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